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Christmas Finance Bingo Etsy (2).png
Christmas Finance Bingo Etsy (2).png

The Ultimate Christmas Game

For Finance Lovers

Looking for a fun Christmas themed game to play with your friends (or during a meeting)?

The Christmas Finance Bingo is a game designed to keep you entertained during these long winter nights.

8 unique bingo cards, packed with a variety of phrases with everything from...

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Money printer go brr...

Helvetica 12px

Stonks only go up

You're on mute

Hear it?

Cross it off.

How do you play? It's simple.

Everyone gets a bingo card (there are 8 different cards in the pack). Everyone time someone says one of the phrases on your card, you cross it off. Heard someone talking about how the money printer wouldn't stop going brr... this year? Cross it off. First to cross all of their items off wins. BINGO.

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Christmas Finance Bingo Etsy (2).png

Send and


Instant download and send to your friends!

Once you've purchased, your bingo pack will be instantly available. You'll receive access to a .zip file containing all 8 cards, plus instructions on how to play. The 8 bingo cards are available in .png format so you can text / whatsapp them over to your friends immediately.

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