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Achieve Your Trading Goals

Improving your trading begins with defining your goals. The Trading Journal will help you gain clarity on your goals so you know when you've achieved them. It will also guide you on the best way to achieve your trading goals and help you to identify common pitfalls in your trading. Achieve your goals by first defining them and asking yourself the right questions.


Review Your Trades

Why review your trades? As most successful traders know, identifying successful trading begins by tracking all your trades. Use the Trading Journal to track all your trades and identify what went well in the trade whilst tracking entries and exits. Through doing this you can begin to identify behaviour patterns within your trading. But without tracking your trades it will be harder to review them after.

The Trading Journal Shopify.png

Packed with Content

So why The Trading Journal? For only £9.99, The Trading Journal is packed with over 50 pages of prompts, ideas and guides from myself and lessons from some of the world's most legendary traders. It will walk you through everything you need to know to improve your trading, from defining your strategy to building a plan and reviewing your trades so you can achieve your goals. Get yours now!